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Rabu, 27 Januari 2010

Dialog bahasa inggris

Name : Noor Ikhfan Mu''arif
Dimas Bagus

Dimas : “Excuse me.......canyou help , me?”
Ifan : “Sure.....what can I do for you?”
Dimas : ”It’s my first time in Semarang.”
Ifan : ”Where are you from.?”
Dimas : ”I come from England, I want looking for hotel in here.
Could you tell me where it is?”
Ifan : ”Oh.......you can stay in Horizon Hotel?”
Dimas : ”Okay....thanks you.”
Ifan : ”When you in Semarang, you can visit to Gedung Songo.”
Dimas : ”Where is it located?
Ifan : ”It is located in Bandungan.”
Dimas : ”Could you tell me how I can go here?”
Ifan : ”Sure you can go there by taxi..”
Dimas : ”Okay.....thanks you very much, nice to see you.”
Ifan : ”You’re welcome, nice to see you too.”

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